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BMW's are our speciality.


"At BM BITZ we have a fully equiped workshop, where one of our fully trained technicians will look after your BMW equivalent to main dealer."

Bm Bitz Ltd

The workshop offers the following:

Servicing, CBS Servicing, MOT, Body Repairs, Diagnostics, Coding, Performance Tuning, Fault Finding e.t.c.


All levels and degrees of work undertaken..

Trading for over 25+ years and our established reputation across the UK speaks for itself.

We aim and and strive for using quality parts, quality members of staff and giving an overall quality service from start to finish.


When will your BMW need servicing?

The service intervals for your specific BMW will depend largely on the car's age. BMW's that are older than 1995 have a mileage/age based service interval that should be observed, these are typically based on a 12,000 mile server or 1 year service cycle, whichever is sooner.


BMW's manufactured after approximately 1995 feature an electronic service interval display to advise when a service is required. This display takes the form of an illuminated bar graph. As the bars count down, the closer the vehicle is to requiring a service. These displays are typically mileage based with some of the higher performance cars taking into account the use of the vehicle. read more

Servicing info

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The very best independent specialst diagnostic equipment

Autologic BMW from Autologic Diagnostics Ltd is a holistic approach to BMW diagnostics. Autologic BMW combines dealer-level software with unrivalled technical support from Master Technicians and specialist software engineers.


Autologic BMW gives you the customer the confidence for us to undertake any service and repair work required and enables us to specialise without having to involve the dealer or call in outside help. read more


Dealer quality servicing without the costs

Service Prices

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Diagnostic Prices


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Diagnostic info

Autologic specialst diagnostic equipment

All systems and functions covered

Autologic is the only aftermarket diagnostic tool to offer OEM-level functionality.

ECU Flash Programming Programming

Necessary when a blank unprogrammed ECU is installed. No other aftermarket diagnostic tool offers full flash programming capability.

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