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The Autologic Solution

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The Autologic Solution from Autologic Diagnostics Ltd is a holistic approach to vehicle diagnostics for independent specialists.


Dealer-level software for eight premium vehicle manufacturers is combined with unrivalled technical support from Master Technicians and specialist software engineers.  The Autologic Solution gives independent garages the confidence to undertake any service and repair work required and enables independent garages to specialise without having to involve the dealer or call in outside help

Providing complete coverage of all BMW vehicle systems

Unique functions of Autologic include coding and flash programming.  These functions together with other features such as retrofits, conversions and fitment of aftermarket products, surpass the functionality of other diagnostic tools as well as some dealer tool features.


Information is displayed on a large touch-sensitive screen through a simple menu structure, supported by extensive help screens.  Autologic software packages are available independently or as multiple packages run on the sameAutologic hardware base unit.


Autologic Diagnostic Prices

Autologic BMW is a genuine alternative to 'GT1', 'SSS', and 'ISIS', often providing quicker diagnostics, coding and programming than other BMW diagnostic tools.  Additional features of Autologic BMW over other diagnostic tools include fitting aftermarket components and an increased number of retrofits.

Performance tunes are modifications to the original BMW software for the engine

Performance tunes – Autologic Diagnostics' performance tunes are modifications to the original BMW software for the engine Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The tune allows you to tune a vehicle’s engine and improve its driving performance. Autologic reprograms the engine’s ECU with a new set of control specifications that give greater brake horse power and torque. read more

Diagnostic Prices


Perfomance Tuning

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Read & clear DTCs

Read & clear DTCs – Read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs),

also known as diagnostic fault codes, to identify vehicle faults.

Make diagnostic requests

Make diagnostic requests – Read live vehicle data, such as the engine temperature,

engine speed, vehicle speed and the suspension height data.


Activate components

Activate components – Activate particular components within applicable systems,

such as activate air suspension valves to aid with fault diagnosis.

Coding, Individualisation and Programming (CIP)

Coding – You can use Autologic to configure any control unit

that is codeable to function differently for various vehicle configurations.

Examples include the settings on the instrument cluster, airbag, heater and A/C, video and vehicle immobiliser. You need to code all of the new control units when you first fit them to a vehicle.

You may also need to code some vehicles after you have fitted accessories such as tow bars and xenon headlamps. Some configuration options on Autologic are not available on the OEM-level tools, so Autologic gives you more freedom to personalise your customers’ vehicles.


Flash programming

Flash programming – Many control units are flash programmable. As part of the on-going support, vehicle manufacturers periodically release updated software, often to overcome running issues. Autologic enables you to do these updates. Autologic can program the control units on BMW vehicles from 1998 model year onwards. Software files are constantly updated to keep up with fixes from BMW. All engine and transmission control units need programming before they will work on a vehicle. Body control units also need coding before they will work on a vehicle and they also need to be updated, as necessary. Autologic can also program keys and alarm remotes for all BMW models.


Initialisations – Autologic can do all of the car key memory functions for all of the BMW vehicles for which it is possible.


Make adjustments

Make adjustments – Control-unit-specific adjustments might be the idle speed for the engine control unit, Valvetronic and VANOS adjustments

Service functions

Service functions – These functions allow you to do tests during a vehicle service. For example, desulphrise and denox the catalytic converter, register a replacement battery, test the air pressure control and test the exhaust back pressure.


Car & key memory

Car/Key Memory Function for personalising vehicle. This allows you to override factory coding settings such as changing the temperature units or the date format in the car.


Makes certain customer-specific settings on the vehicle. Car Memory settings apply to

everybody who uses the car. Key Memory settings are specific to the user concerned and

depend on the key used.

Add & remove keys

Add & remove keys – You can add additional keys, recover existing keys that have been lost and found and remove lost or stolen keys.


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Retrofits – You can use Autologic to install genuine BMW retrofit parts kits such as a facelift light, towbar and folding mirrors as well as iPod, Dension, Mowbridge and Combox multi-media products.


Retrofit Designation for a subsequent installation (e.g. telephone). The vehicle is recoded to

allow the new installation to function.


Conversions – Examples of these functions are changing the display language in the car or changing the oil service interval.


Conversion Modifies individual functions in a control unit (e.g. the language).

The vehicle must go into sleep mode before a conversion is completely effective.

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Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel Particulate Filter


Modern BMW Diesel Engines now have a particulate filter that has been designed to reduce the ‘black smoke’ emissions.  These filters work by collecting the soot particles produced from the burning diesel which is normally incinerated when the filter becomes hot enough.  However over time the filter can become blocked if subjected to unfavourable driving styles or ECU remapping.  This leads to degraded engine performance and faults displayed in the instrument cluster.

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